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This page is dedicated to all the members of the United States Armed Forces both past and present but especially to those Pow/Mia that the U.S. government denies exist. I would like to remind you that we owe all our today's and tomorrow's on their yesterday's.


The candle above will burn until my adopted vet(see below) is returned.

On this date 1/11/98 I began a search for Lance Corporal Bruce Wayne Staehli who vanished on April 30 1968 near Dong Ha RVN while serving with the United States Marine Corps defending the country he loved.

Name: Bruce Wayne Staehli
Rank/Branch: Lance Corporal/USMC
Unit: l/3/9 3 MAR DIV
Date of Birth: 24 September 1948
Home City of Record: Crown Point, Lake County, IN 
Loss Date: 30 April 1968
Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 164930N 1070200E
Status (in 1973): Missing In Action
Category: 2
Acft/Vehicle/Ground: Ground
Others In Incident: none missing

 I will not rest until he is freed from his captor's or is accounted for. Regardless of what you might have read or heard concerning our POW/MIA there are about 2,000 missing American hero's who are unaccounted for and we must assume they are missing hero's until we find out differently. If you could imagine yourself being held against your will in a foreign country and wondering what happened to the people you were honorably defending against a government bent on destroying your way of life then you could imagine how Lance Corporal Bruce Staehli feels at this moment. Cpl. Staehli was born in Crown Point (Lake County) IN on Sept. 24 1948 if anyone reading this page knows of him in any way please email me below. I will add to this message as I learn new things about Cpl. Staehli In the meantime I will be contacting my elected officials and anything else I can do to determine the fate of Cpl. Staehli. I received a letter from Bernard V. Shinal Director, White House Liaison Office and the Secretary of the Navy in reply to my letter to him that on 30 April 1968 Staff Sgt. Staehli while serving with a Marine unit disappeared along with 16 other Marines somewhere in the vicinity of Cam Lo. Sgt. Staehli's pack and boots were found in the area the following day. A few weeks later an ID tag with Sgt Staehli's name on it was found near the area where he disappeared. While this information might be correct as far as Staff Sgt. Staehli is concerned it is another example of our elected officials not being able to get their act together even after all these years. If you notice my adopted POW/MIA LCpl Staheli was not in the same area as SSgt. Staehli. As a former Marine I know for sure you do not get promoted from LCpl to SSgt on the same day. I really feel that it is a shame on this great country of ours that serviceman like LCpl Staehli a true defender of this country cannot be traced down and accounted for. Someday I know that politicians who have stopped efforts to account for our brave fighting men who have not been accounted for from any conflict that the United States has been involved in will have to answer to the almighty. Until then I intend to keep searching for LCpl Staehli. I received an email from Bruce's brother who had visited my site and he informed me that I  pretty much had information concerning Bruce right. He did say what so many of us know, that it is a shame the way our government has treated the POW/MIA issue. I also have been in contact with the military liaison officer in Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana office and while he was unable to add anything new to what I had already learned concerning Bruce  he did give me the impression that not all government officials turn a deaf ear to the POW/MIA issue so be sure and contact your elected official's when doing research on this problem if nothing else it will keep them aware of the issue. I have also learned that it is the practice of the U.S. Military to administratively  promote POW/MIA's when a promotion is due so that may explain the problem I had with rank above. I have been in contact with the C.O. of L/3/9 which was in the area when Bruce was reported missing. He said that some of his men reported to him that some recon men gave them a dog tag belonging to Bruce and that they had found  a pack and helmet near where Bruce was last seen. These items where found north of Cam Vu which would put the items found in the DMZ and that further official reports showed that a group of civilians were observed heading north the day after Bruce disappeared. They also found some uniforms and other gear belonging to North Vietnamese army troops and they felt the group of civilians they had seen were actually NVA troops and that Bruce was probably in that group as a prisoner. So we must assume that he was taken at least to North Vietnam although no record of him has appeared since the war ended.


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